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“Technology is constantly evolving and agents aren’t. The difference is noticeable and it’s getting larger.”

T3 Group & National Association of REALTORS®


It’s time for change.
Disruption is happening in our industry.

“It’s our conjecture that this [real estate] is about to change and there are three main reasons for this: first is that consumers are just accustomed to everything on-demand…the second is technology…and the last is capital.”

Alex Rampell, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz


Technology is here to stay. #embrace

“It is finally happening … the long-anticipated, tech-catalyzed industrial revolution of the real estate industry. Things are or are about to dramatically change. “That’s why I came back.” It is at last time for Real Estate 2.0.”

~Rich Barton Co-Founder & CEO, Zillow Group. T3 Summit 2019


The consumer has more choice. #expand

“The U.S. market has seen a number of fixed-fee and FSBO businesses enter the market.” “But new players like Open-door, called iBuyers, are turning the home selling process on its head.”

~2018 Emerging Models in Real Estate Report,. Mike Delprete March 6, 2018


Selling is no longer our edge. #elevate

“There is precious little that the industry can do to affect the rise of housing market makers [iBuyers] so the real question is how brokers, agents, MLS’s, tech companies, and the like adjust to their emergence.”

~Rob Hahn, Don’t Tell Yourself Pretty Lies About iBuyers, Part 1: Economics of iBuyer,. April 30, 2019.


The market has changed. #evolve

“Since 2011, the share of first time home buyers has been under the historical norm of 40 percent as buyers face tight inventory, rising home prices, rising rents, and high student debt loads.”

~National Association of REALTORS®, 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers


We must adapt to change. Or, we will be replaced by it.

“All of us need to focus on what consumers want more and better than ever before.”

-Ron Peltier
Chairman, HomeServices of America