90% Satisfaction drops to 12%.

It is a well known fact that when homeowners work with real estate agents, for most they love the experience. The National Association of REALTORS® reports that just after closing 90% of homebuyers would definitely or probably would use their agent again. However, the reality is, only 12% of homebuyers use the same agent again.

Something is happening in-between and it is causing issues for everyone along the way.

THE ISSUE For Homeowners

Homeowners most likely loved their real estate agent. However, when the time comes to buy or sell again, they most likely won’t use that same great agent because they forgot how great they were in-between. Sure they may got a calendar or note somewhere along the way, but the professional service that achieved the 90% satisfaction rating…it’s years past and easy to forget.

THE ISSUE For REAL Estate agents

Think about this, you do an amazing job and your client wants to work with you again. However, when the time comes they work with someone else. You are constantly trying to remind your clients about that amazing experience but for the most part, it doesn’t work.

THE ISSUE For the industry

The Satisfaction Free-fall is one of the top reasons disruptors are constantly trying to enter the industry. They know that our past clients will likely forget their last awesome experience and be more susceptible to trying something different. A different agent or even a different way to buy and sell.


When homeowners and real estate agents work together, the homeowners love the experience. The opportunity is clear, how can real estate agents deliver professional service in-between the buy and sell, such that they maintain the 90% satisfaction rating or higher, for life? We know our solution, and that is becoming your clients Home Investment Advisor™.

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