Full Service - 4% of the Time

Let’s look at the numbers. Let’s assume on average a homeowner lives in their home for 7 years. Did you know that for most buyers and sellers, it takes on average 3 months to buy or sell a home?

This means:

  • A homeowner lives in their home for 7 years or 84 months

  • Real estate agents get to deliver professional service for 3 months

  • That works out to 4% of the time homeowners own a home, they work with a real estate agent. Don’t forget we also have a 90% satisfaction rating for this 4% of time.

The issue? Our professional service is invisible the other 96% of the time!

THE ISSUE For Homeowners

Once possession day comes, homeowners likely never see real estate agents again. It is even more unlikely that agents will continue offering some level of professional service. For homeowners, you are alone, with your single most valuable asset and no one to help you along the way.

THE ISSUE For REAL Estate agents

Under the current structure of real estate, you only have 3 months to prove your professionalism. This professionalism needs to be so good that you close this transaction but also that you can retain their business and referrals thereafter. All the while you are competing against other agents for the listings. Possession day comes and goes and it’s time to move on.

THE ISSUE For the industry

This is an image problem. Homeowners think we just come around for the pay check and once it clears, we disappear. Homeowners are starting to question the value of a 3-month relationship with their agents and is making cracks.


Know one knows our homeowners and real estate better than real estate agents. Homeowners want a professional to help them in the 96% as well as at the buy and sell. The question is, what do you do for the other 96%? Becoming your clients Home Investment Advisor™ is the solution.

Full Service - 4% of the Time