Let’s reimagine real estate together. #invest

At Home Investment Advisors™, we are making a bet. We envision a future of residential real estate which mirrors the financial services sector today, where the consumer is offered full choice of services. In our envisioned future, we see the HIA®, our proprietary designation and integrated technology, positioned at the high-end, akin to wealth management rather than traditional real estate sales agents.

In today’s world, we know that it takes more than a vision, it takes focus and execution. This is why we have commercialized four key pillars to ensure a viable business today, yet position our firm for the world of tomorrow. By providing technology products that real estate agents demand today (CRM + Websites), a home ecosystem positioned for tomorrow (HomeHub360), and a fundamentally unique business model (HIA®), we provide elite real estate firms with the tools they need to evolve in the face of disruption and allow us to ride the changing industry tides.

“Major transitions lie ahead that could match or even exceed the scale of historical shifts out of agriculture and manufacturing…Moreover, all workers will need to adapt, as their occupations evolve alongside increasingly capable machines.”

~Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation
Mckinsey Global Institute

While we are not actively seeking investment, we are constantly looking to build relationships with investors and Venture Capital firms, seeking a unique edge in capturing the significant opportunity in the real estate, PropTech, evolution.


“Real estate is the largest segment in the world at $217 trillion. It defines where we work and live. Whoever creates that smooth real estate experience dream will win. Real estate is big enough to deserve an Amazon or an Apple. .”

~Robert Reffkin, CEO Compass. T3 Summit Executive Notes 2019