The Most Valuable Asset.

According to the Federal Reserve, more than two-thirds of a consumers wealth is tied up in real estate. There are entire industries devoted to helping consumers navigate the smaller piece. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401K’s. Yet for the most valuable asset, there is no one.

THE ISSUE For Homeowners

Homeowners have no one to help guide them with their biggest single investment. For many people their home isn’t just a place to lay their head a night. It’s their retirement. It’s their children’s education fund. It’s important.

THE ISSUE For REAL Estate agents

As an agent, you are the champion of your clients most valuable asset. Unfortunately, by the time your clients tell you they are to sell, they have been clouded with misinformation and unrealistic demands. Or worse, they don’t call you for help and go straight to the iBuyers.

THE ISSUE For the industry

The real estate industry has all the data, tools and relationships to fill this void. Yet we choose to not. We choose to only service the buy and sell leaving our clients, our homeowners to fend for themselves when it comes to navigating decisions on their most valuable asset.


It’s not too late, yet. We have an opportunity to fill this void, working with our clients pre- and post-closing, providing on-going professional service, in real estate for life. We call that a Home Investment Advisor™, the next evolution of real estate.

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