The consumer has choice. Technology is here. #embrace


We envision a future of real estate where the consumer has significantly more choice. At the high-end, we believe that an elite consumer experience will be delivered by real estate professionals who offer value and service beyond what is done today. Doing this will solidify strong client relationships, ensuring the real estate professional grows alongside rapidly evolving technology.

“To avoid facing reality, one can simply deny the event. Then one can maintain, “It’s not really so bad,” or ”If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

~The Continuing American Revolution: A Psychological Perspective.
Arthur Combs

For those real estate professionals that embrace this new full cycle level of service with their clients, they will no longer need to fear technology as the value they provide is far more than brokering the buy and sell.

“The iBuyers are going to improve their algorithms. They’re going to push their prices closer to market rates. And they’re going to get better and better as they eat up more of the real estate industry.

~IBuyers riding a wave of change as they disrupt real estate
Inman, April 11, 2019

We believe this future is one for the Home Investment Advisor™ to claim. We are looking for like-minded industry leaders to help change the industry for the better, by reimagining the real estate experience.

We invite you to join us in reimaging the future of residential real estate.