Future-proof your business. Change the game. #partner

Home Investment Advisors™ is looking to partner with like-minded real estate associations, franchises, brokerages and agents that want to provide a new level of service. A reimagined real estate customer experience.

“There’s this idea that change, or disruption, or whatever you want to call it, is something that’s foisted on the industry and that we’re the victims of it and not the perpetrators of it, if you really want to be a good real estate agent for the modern age, you have to put your customer first.”

~Glenn Kelman CEO of Redfin
Redfin Direct Announcement May 2019

By partnering with us, we will work with you and your executive team to implement a fundamentally new business model for your firm. Specifically, we will provide you with the education, technology, and training you need to evolve your sales agents into all-inclusive and full cycle Home Investment Advisors™; the customer experience champion.

“Leaders need to practice five simple, difficult qualities to successfully disrupt themselves: 

• A willingness to discard some of the existing. 
• The talent to identify what is around the next corner. 
• The ability to move quickly, and then accelerate into what works. 
• The fortitude to act with confidence. 
• The ability to inspire those that follow you.” 

~Stefan Swanepol. T3 Summit Executive Notes 2019

We are calling all customer-centric real estate CEO’s and Managing Brokers looking for the “next big thing” in residential real estate that will change the industry as we know it. The Home Investment Advisor™ model allows you to compete and grow for decades to come. We look forward to hearing from you.


“The world has moved on. If it isn’t obvious to you, it’s because you have a vested interest in the world not moving on.”

~Rob Hahn
Managing Partner 7DS & Associates